Windsurf Warriors Sep-Oct 2016


This magazine does not feature exotic spots, pro windsurfer profiles or the latest windsurf gear reviews. Windsurf Warriors is aimed at helping beginner to intermediate level windsurfers improve their level with step by step tutorials and in depth advice from the best coaches and instructors.

This issue is aimed at the biggest problem I see for early stage windsurfers: wasting energy. Here is what you will find in this issue:

  • How to water start. From lifting out the sail effortlessly to getting up on the board.
  • All the ways the you waste energy, and how to avoid falling in the same traps.
  • What to look for when shopping around for a new wetsuit.
  • The most common mistakes I see people make on and off the water.
  • How to avoid and revcover from a spin out.
  • Revealing why the transitionf from old to modern boards is so tricky.

NOTE: 10% of the proceeds of the sale of this issue will go to the Ocean Cleanup project.

“I liked it! A lot!
To me, it is really cool to read insights from the WWMag and remember them when I am windsurfing.
I am not a pro, and your writing is helping me to enhance my windsurfing skills. And, much more relevant, I am having more fun on the water. This is priceless! To me, your magazine improves the quantity and the quality of the time I dedicate to windsurfing. Thanks! Thanks to you I finally found the right magazine I was looking for.”

– Nuno D.


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