Windsurf Warriors May-Jun 2016


There are some who like to see exclusive interviews with the latest freestyle champion or read about exotic locations where one has all the waves to themselves. This magazine is not for them.

I created this magazine with those windsurfers in mind who are looking for ways to get better at this amazing sport. My goal is to teach you how to save energy and make ensure you learn something from every article so that you know how to improve your level aver each issue.

In this issue you will find:

  • The complete guide to windsurfing masts – all you need to know to know what is the best mast for you
  • A breakdown of the gybe and why you should go back to basics
  • Find out how to set up the harness lines to save energy on the water
  • What you can do to avoid and cure holiday blisters.
  • A list of all the rules of right of way for sailors.
  • All the ways to tense the downhaul without effort

NOTE: 10% of the proceeds of the sale of this issue will go to the Ocean Cleanup project.

“Thanks to you I finally found the right magazine I was looking for.”

– Davide V.


“Thanks a lot for making these fantastic magazines, they help me so much…. I’ve been windsurfing close to a year now and there are so many little things that are really hard to understand unless you have someone actually with a sense of teaching helping you. Asking experts often gets me nowhere, but reading articles from you has been a great help.
I really appreciate you taking the time to do all this. It beats all the fancy youtube videos by miles!”

– Nikolaj M.


“I think the magazine is awesome and you are providing an excellent service for the sailing community.
The magazine is filled with education on technique that is very welcome.
That fact that you are open to input from other sailors will keep things fresh. We are all different in our approaches to technique and enjoyment of the sport.”

John P.


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