Windsurf Warriors Jan-Feb 2016


I wanted to create a magazine that was dedicated to helping the average windsurfer learn the techniques, tricks and general knowledge to make learning this awesome sport as easy and fun as possible. The result is Windsurf Warriors.

I was tired of reading magazines stuffed with fluff. I have never really been interested in reading how sponsored windsurfers visit remote locations in countries I will probably never visit and gear reviews might be interesting for others but I prefer to just try the kit myself.

Instead, with this magazine I wanted to write about realistic spots that are suited to your level, share tips and tricks that you can actually apply to your every day windsurfing experience and all in all, try to convey my knowledge of this epic sport in an attractive format.

This issue includes:

  • The best free wind forecasts on the web
  • An interview with Matt Pritchard on competitions, injuries and how to make windsurfing easier
  • The basic safety measures everyone should take to reduce the risk of this extreme sport
  • That the ideal boom height is
  • An objective comparison of waist vs. seat harness
  • How to make harness sailing easy

NOTE: 10% of the proceeds of the sale of this issue will go to the crowdfunding campaign GirlonWave.

Well done on an amazing magazine! Finally something with really good and useful info and not just for all the top experts.

– Nikolaj M.

“There is not one section I would change. Every article is interesting and well written in a manner that is articulate and easily readable.”

– Roy G.

“It’s really well done. From the graphical layout to content and images all really great.

The articles you have are all really interesting and break the monotony of reading about just one thing. I love the instructional articles on how to improve oneself as I need all the help I can get.

Seriously you have a winner here for sure. My only suggestion is to keep em coming. Can’t wait for your next edition.”

– Werner

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