Windsurf Warriors Autumn 2015


3,99 € = US$ 4,4 (more or less depending on exchange rate)

Tired of reading magazines stuffed with fluff? Not interested in reading how sponsored windsurfers visit remote locations in countries you will never visit? Are you not interested in the results of the pros at competitions you never hear about? Are the gear reviews you read about next seasons gear not for you?

Do you instead want to read about realistic spots that are suited to your level? Want to hear tips and tricks that you can actually apply to your every day windsurfing experience? Finally the next useful windsurfing mag is out.

This month includes:

  • The only board buying guide you will ever need
  • Sam Sills tells us what it takes to prepare for the Olympics
  • The complete guide to El Médano
  • Step by step tutorial on changing sail battens
  • Planing doesn’t have to be difficult – the guide to easy planing
  • Miriam Rasmussen shows us how to go windsurfing in winter
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