About Windsurfing Warriors

Hi! I am Arne Gahmig, founder of Windsurf Warriors. I was born into the world of windsurfing thanks to my parents owning a windsurf center in El Médano. I have been windsurfing since the age of 5 and teaching since I was 16. In 2013 I created the online resource for windsurf instruction howtowindsurf101.com where I have published my knowledge on how to windsurf. It was originally intended for my students but over time more and more people ejoyed the content I shared there.

During the creation of that site I realized that I really enjoyed writing, especially when it was about a sport that I am so passionate about. Now that most of my teaching experience has been publishe over there I decided to create another resource for people who want to know more tips and tricks as well as other helpful windsurfing related information and so Windsurfing Warriors was created.

I intend this to be a periodical publication of value packed articles for people who are just as passionate about windsurfing as I am. Enjoy!

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